Positivity influencer on social media in addition to model and video creator who became most recognized for her content posted to her trinity TikTok channel. She has earned more than 3.9 million fans. 

She took a stand against cyberbullying and pioneered the "Kindness Matters" Movement after receiving massive amounts of hateful comments on one of her videos.




3.9M    251K     1.56K 

She made a collaborative TikTok video captioned as "HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY! LOVE these GIRLS... TAG UR BESTIES" which featured Datrie, Daryna Popach and Catherine Rowley.


I can’t Believe we got her to do this😂😱😂@tiktokersmom @theojedabros @joshkrumich

♬ Wrong - Luh Kel

Comment “HYPE” letter by letter without interruption for a follow back @gabby_murrayy ❤️😂

♬ No Idea X Candy - rapidsongs

Mood! Caption this! @jasminexgonzalez

♬ prom dress - mxmtoon


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