Mckenzi Brooke


McKenzi has been known as a social media star who has gained fame for her @mckenzibrooke TikTok channel, Instagram channel, Triller channel and the youtube channels she shares with her best friend and sibling, Reif where she collectively has over 7 million followers across all social media platforms.  Her dancing, comedic dubbing and transitions are watched and admired by many.  McKenzi has co hosted a number of events as well as performed on many stages alongside her brother.  Reif and her have coined the phrase to ALWAYS BE YOU because everyone else is taken.  Being unique is what McKenzi is all about...from wearing 2 different shoes, channeling her own style, sharing new ideas and creativity and just being the best you can be.  


                                                                6.8M   275K   81K 

Reif Harrison 

Reif is known for his social media channels where he can be seen dancing, performing comedy and transitions.  He also has performed on many stages and co hosted a number of events in person and over social media wish his best friend and Irish twin, McKenzi.  He has over 1.8 million committed fans on Tik Tok and almost 100K fabulous fans on Instagram.  He also can be found on Triller and just recently on You Tube where he and his sister have over 80K subscribers. 

He was also one of the dancers of The Big Battle Dance Crew from Lip Sync Battle Shorties on Nickelodeon.  Just recently Reif starred in the movie In the Dark, The Kid Who Could Only Hit Homers and a principal dancer along with his sister is Christmas on the Square. 


                             1.8M     90.1K     81K                              

Here are some of Mckenzi's & Reif's most liked, most commented, and most shared TikTok Contents. We’re a Sibling duo! Always having fun! 


The story of my life🙄😂 @momzee

♬ the sound but with no cussing - its.brynie

The first one to spell “BLUE!” without getting interrupted gets a follow Back! 😜💙 ##dontbringmedown ##dbmd

♬ Someone I Don't Know - Nick Lopez

How to do this dance tutorial > speed in sn.ap to see res.ults😱😱 ##tiktok ##foryou ##tutorial

♬ original sound - itsmckenzibrooke



Behind the scenes!! 😱 who wants to see the results?? 😍 @mckenzibrooke ##bts

♬ original sound - reifharrison

Whoever spells “Blessed” without getting interrupted gets a follow😱 ##nicetomeetya ##treatmyself @meghantrainor

♬ Nice to Meet Ya - Meghan Trainor

Tap on share 3 times to see magic❤️😉

♬ supalonely x whats my name - rapidsongs

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